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Version: v1.0

What is Connect?

1GLOBAL Connect is a platform that enables our partners to tap into 1GLOBAL's technology and global network with just a couple of lines of code.

The product includes a set of APIs designed for server-to-server integration, accessible over the internet, that enable a partner to sell 1GLOBAL eSIM based cellular connectivity to their end customers. The product also optionally includes SDKs (software development kits for iOS and Android) to install an eSIM without needing a QR code (get in touch with your 1GLOBAL contact to learn more about these).


Here are some example use-cases that 1GLOBAL Connect can help our partners launch:

  • Sell a data plan to an end customer via a partner website
  • Sell a data plan to an end customer through a partner App
  • Sell a data plan to an end customer through a data marketplace
  • Possibility of bundling connectivity as part of another package that the end customer may be purchasing from the partner (e.g. a subscription service)
  • Partner can offer employees the option to top-up the data allowance on a corporate mobile device for non-business use

Data plans

The data plans available via the Connect API are 1GLOBAL data plans. They utilize 1GLOBAL’s global mobile network. The data plans are “data” only.