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Voucher Service and New Capping System

· One min read
Nuno Coração
Tiago Lameiras

This release introduces a new capping system that prevents the stock of SIM cards from running out in the pre-production environment and a new voucher service that was designed to provide a new and easy eSIM installation process for setups where the sales channel is different than the installation one (e.g. sale happens on POS and installation on mobile App). When this feature is enabled, each time a new eSIM activation order is created, a voucher code is generated in the order. Then, using the new Connect endpoints, it is possible to query the voucher details and mark it as redeemed once it has been used.

What's New?

  • Added the new resource capping system. Find more information here.
  • New endpoint that returns the details of a specific voucher code.
  • New endpoint to mark a specific voucher code as redeemed.


  • You can find an end to end example on how to use voucher service in the Using Codes recipe.

Note: Voucher service is only available for specific partners. If you would like to start using it, please contact us.